Let Cookies Crumble In Their Mouths

The mouth already starts to water. The productive brain, always with a vivid imagination, has told its taste buds that it is almost time for a tea break. Or coffee break, whichever you may prefer. To look forward to during this break is at least two chocolate chip cookies. Or if you really want to be that healthy, gluten free oatmeal cookies. All being (lovingly, caringly?) prepared by the gourmet cookies atlanta emporium.  

Just two oatmeal cookies. And yes, you can get those too. Just two gluten free choc chip cookies, if you please. The minimum, the bare minimum for a short break. Just because the emporium’s product label says that these cookies are good for you does not mean that you can now gorge yourself on them. Because then you are back to square one, and just you wait and see. Wait and see the next time you make your trip to the scale in the bathroom.

gourmet cookies atlanta

The pounds have gone on instead of off. Yes, the temptation can be great. After all, those cookies are just so darn delish. Now here’s something that might surprise you about the new-wave bakery. This is something that you could also order online because of its long-life potential. Instead of wearing your body down with those famous brand bags of potato crisps, why not order what the home-made bakery has prepared for you.

The packets are smaller for one thing. But by the time you are finished with your snack (if you take your time with just one chip at a time, you’ll be done by the time your favorite network episode is over) you will have filled yourself up. The bakery alternative is healthy because the crisps are baked and there’s far less fat and sodium content.